.Book burning or biblioclasm or libricide, is the destroying book , mostly in protests of civil disobedience or political or religious, symbolic meanings.

Some of the most famous book Burning include: Nazi Germany ,China.

In Nazi Germany, book Burning was a dreadful event to celebrate their Leader (Hitler)'a birthday.

They mostly burned books of

  • The works of traitors, emigrants and au)thors from foreign countries who believe they can attack and denigrate the new Germany (H.G. Wells, Rolland);
  • The literature of Marxism, Communism and Bolshevism;
  • Pacifist literature;
  • Literature with liberal, democratic tendencies and attitudes, and writings supporting the Weimar Republic (Rathenau, Heinrich Mann);
  • All historical writings whose purpose is to denigrate the origin, the spirit and the culture of the German Volk, or to dissolve the racial and structural order of the Volk, or that denies the force and importance of leading historical figures in favor of egalitarianism and the masses, and which seeks to drag them through the mud (Emil Ludwig);
  • Writings of a philosophical and social nature whose content deals with the false scientific enlightenment of primitive Darwinism and Monism (Hackel, Benedict);
  • Books that advocate “art” which is decadent, bloodless, or purely constructivist (Grosz, Dix, Bauhaus, Mendelsohn);
  • The decadent, destructive and Volk-damaging writings of “Asphalt and Civilization” literati! (Graf, H. Mann, Stefan Zweig, Wassermann, Franz Blei);
  • Literature by Jewish authors, regardless of the field;
  • Popular entertainment literature that depicts life and life’s goals in a superficial, unrealistic and sickly sweet manner, based on a bourgeois or upper class view of life;
  • Nationalistic and patriotic kitsch in literature.
  • All books degrading German purity.
  • Among the German-speaking authors whose books student leaders burned that night were Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Bertolt Brecht, Max Brod, Otto Dix,Alfred Döblin, Albert Einstein, Friedrich Engels, Lion Feuchtwanger, Marieluise Fleißer, Leonhard Frank, Sigmund Freud, Iwan Goll, George Grosz, Jaroslav Hašek, Heinrich Heine, Ödön von Horvath, Heinrich Eduard Jacob, Franz Kafka,Georg Kaiser, Erich Kästner, Alfred Kerr, Egon Kisch, Siegfried Kracauer, Karl Kraus, Theodor Lessing, Alexander Lernet-Holenia, Karl Liebknecht, Georg Lukács, Rosa Luxemburg, Heinrich Mann, Klaus Mann, Ludwig Marcuse, Karl Marx, Robert Musil, Carl von Ossietzky, Erwin Piscator, Alfred Polgar, Erich Maria Remarque, Ludwig Renn, Joachim Ringelnatz, Joseph Roth, Nelly Sachs,Felix Salten, Anna Seghers, Arthur Schnitzler, Carl Sternheim, Bertha von Suttner, Ernst Toller, Kurt Tucholsky, Jakob Wassermann, Frank Wedekind,Franz Werfel, Grete Weiskopf, Arnold Zweig and Stefan Zweig.

Not only German-speaking authors were burned but also French authors likeVictor Hugo, André Gide, Romain Rolland, Henri Barbusse, American writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Upton Sinclair, Theodore Dreiser, Jack London,John Dos Passos, and Helen Keller as well as English authors Joseph Conrad,D.H. Lawrence, H.G. Wells and Aldous Huxley, Irish writer James Joyce and Russian authors including Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Maxim Gorki, Isaac Babel,Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Nabokov, Leo Tolstoy, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Ilya Ehrenburg. (Cite:

  • My thoughts on book burning are that I disagree with book burning. But it a way to express your opinions and freedom of speech and expression. I thing that books mean more that just  a mix of words. Books were made to be a way to express your ideas and knowledge to others. Book are never going to leave us. No matter if it is a ebook or regular books. There will always be a way to express our ideas. Books are wrote to be Informative and to be just to entertain you.