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8th Grade Links-cite URL:

1. Colonial History:

2. Jamestown/Roanoke:

3. Salem Witch Trials:

3. French and Indian War:

4. Revolutionary War:

5. Constitution:

6. Westward Expansion:

7. War of 1812:

8. Slavery:

9. Civil War:

8th Grade Webquests:Edit

For each of the webquests we will provide a title, link, and description.

1. Discovering Salem: Allows students to experience the Salem Witch Trials.

2. Meet Your New President: Emphasizes the idea that presidents should be qualified and that with freedom comes the responsibility of learning about the candidates.

3. In Defense of Great Britain: Looks at the opposite side of the American Revolution and why Britain made the decisions it did.

4. Democracy and Iraq, Creating a Constitution: Allows students to see what it would be like to set up a government.

5. Stand and Be Heard: A Lesson in Civil Disobedience: Connection to Bill of Rights and right to petition.

6. Put Words in My Mouth: Students have to work to write the speech for the new president researching different areas of their administration.`

7. A Voyage Back in Time: Exploring Jamestown: Explores the world of Jamestown and what life was like. Students work and research different aspects of the culture. (better for struggling students)

8. Colonial Children: Students research what life was like for colonial children.

9. Life During the War Between the States: Taking the role of communicator, soldier, civilian, and medical person, create a Civil War scrapbook.

10. Special Edition: The Most Critical Battles of the Civil War: Students research and write summaries of eight Civil War battles. They then rank the five most critical battles of the war. After ranking, they will create a magazine styled after Time For Kids to present their summaries and ranking to an audience.

11. We Proceeded On... Celebrating Lewis and Clark: As members of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee, students explore aspects of the Corps of Discovery to plan a bicentennial event representative of several important aspects of the expedition: science discoveries, geographical knowledge, cultural observations of Native Americans, and exemplary leadership.

12. Westward Expansion 1801-1861: Focuses on the period of Expansion and Reform from 1801-1861. This is done by exploring the following; The history of Louisiana Purchase, the state and federal policies that influenced the Cherokee tribe, social and political impact of the idea of Manifest Destiny pertaining to the Oregon Trail, the significance of Lewis and Clark expedition and its contributions to friendly relations with Native Americans, and the importance of the Monroe Doctrine and War of 1812 during the 19th Century.

13. Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest This curriculum web is designed for middle school students to understand the influence of geography on the indigenous population of Washington State while promoting a more comprehensive understanding of different Native American cultures.